"To speak the name of the dead is to make him live again." ...ancient Egyptian saying.

Konstantina Ritsou-Zavolia (ΚΩΝΣΤΑΝΤΙΝΑ ΡΙΤΣΟΥ), 1960-2022, was a Greek author whose historical novels demonstrate the role of virtue in the progress of the soul.


The Boy and the Well of Memory is a historical novel which portrays the life of Andrew de Moray, the great Scottish hero; the life of William Wallace is also featured prominently.

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Mrs. Ritsou composed many poems for the book. Late in 2010 she asked James Van Kollenburg, a contemporary composer, to set some of these poems to music. The songs are available as MP3 files.

MP3 files and YouTubes of the songs:

A Song of Alba; and a link to the YouTube

Wallace!; and a link to the YouTube

Under Your Window; and a link to the YouTube

The Song of Lady De Moray; and a link to the YouTube

Lament for Wallace's Hand; and a link to the YouTube

Sheet music for the songs: The songs are also available as a PDF file which contains piano/vocal arrangements for the songs along with chord symbols:

To download the sheet-music: The songs from THE BOY AND THE WELL OF MEMORY

A SONG OF ALBA by Konstantina Ritsou

You cannot see your sky enslaved,

Nor your children bending head.

For their right has been enchained,

In darkness, Alba, but not dead.

A voice within your heart is fighting,

Ringing loud as distant moan.

Nightingale, its mournful sighing,

Endless! Alba, like your groan.

But what is that I see that's growing

Strong upon your shoulders bold?

Under sunlight brightly glowing

Mighty wings of flashing gold!

Loud as brass your freedom ringing

Soaring high as eagles fly.

Secret haunting tidings bringing

Of the noble warrior's cry!

Mighty stars of crimson bleeding,

Blood that tyrants cannot hide.

Your proud eyes, Alba leading,

Freedom marching at your side!

WALLACE! by Konstantina Ritsou

Dedicated to Glen Wood, Protector of the Well

With the sword hung on my shoulder,

Facing hills and valleys head-on,

Plowing through with Freedom's coulter,

Laying palms for Her to tread on.

Throughout all my life I hear this song,

The battle's heroes call us!

With a hearty voice that echoes strong,

The mighty voice of Wallace!

UNDER YOUR WINDOW by Konstantina Ritsou

This is a beautiful night!

This is a magical night!

I cannot sleep longing for you,

Under your window singing so true.

This pain is deep and right.

La Larila Larila La.

I will not sleep tonight!

My thoughts are YOU tonight!

Because of you, my soul, my love,

Whether near, whether far, below or above:

You're hidden in my heart so tight!

La Larila Larila La.

A castle's doors are strong and sure

Their locks keep all within secure.

But I seek out only one key:

The treasure of which you oversee.

Your heart so sweet and pure.

La Larila Larila La.

But never, my lady, have you loved me.

But never so madly have you longed for me.

Your lips are not op'ning,

To say what I'm hoping,

The blessed words of Love, my Dea'.

La Larila Larila La.

And your sweet eyes so lovely,

Ne'er look on me too fondly.

But wherever I go, forever I know,

Through the sunshine, rainfall, or snow,

You're hidden inside of me!

La Larila Larila La.

THE SONG OF LADY DE MORAY by Konstantina Ritsou

"Oh, my lady, where are you goin',

With your knife of silver glowin'?"

"I'm going away to save my love

With fate and time permitting of.

I'm going away to set him free,

To Chester castle where suffers he."

La Larila La, La Larila La, La Larila La La La.

Disrobed of women's clothes,

In those of men she goes.

Outside of Chester's wall,

To a Scott she dares to call.

She checks both far and near,

To find a path that's clear.

La Larila La, La Larila La, La Larila La La La.

"My good Seumas, please do say,

Where is my man, I ask, I pray?

The one who's most beloved of me,

Sir Andrew Moray of bold Petty?"

"He is in prison, noble lady,

Chained in a place dark and shady.

La Larila La, La Larila La, La Larila La La La.

"Is there a way, where or when,

To see my Andrew free again?

To circumvent this nasty jam?"

"There is no hope, I'm sorry Ma'am;

They have him bound in chains and ropes,

Oh lady cry for his lost hopes."

La Larila La, La Larila La, La Larila La La La.

As day provides its rosy dawn,

From Chester castle a message gone.

"On River Dee a little boat,

With he aboard will sail afloat.

To London town to judge him there,

To Edward king to kill or snare."

La Larila La, La Larila La, La Larila La La La.

She steered the boat through wat'ry trails

By rowing or by fisher's sails.

She harboured fine young Scottish lads

And took them for her good comrades.

And holding fast for ready aid,

Cloaked in her breast her silver blade.

La Larila La, La Larila La, La Larila La La La.

When she saw her nuptial mate

In English hands, a dismal fate!

She then proceeds with cautious mettle,

With cleverness, a task to settle.

Her silver knife it gleams and glitters,

While Scottish swords flash and shimmer.

La Larila La, La Larila La, La Larila La La La.

She cries to Edward king aloud,

Her voice it rages loud and proud:

"Goodbye to you who rules so cruel,

And English judges your slavish tool.

I've come and freed my love, my man,

From your dark and murd'rous plan."

La Larila La, La Larila La, La Larila La La La.

LAMENT FOR WALLACE'S HAND by Konstantina Ritsou

Wallace, my Wallace, In Alba's belly lying fast asleep.

Time will come her womb will open, ripe for you to leap.

That our proud Alba will once more give birth to you again.

And you'll sprout out new with life that no-one can detain.

Like the seed that does not rot in soil; it lies in wait.

As it grows within the earth the roots become more great.


From the back cover:

The Kires (souls seeking Justice) of the Lions. A splendid revival of a Golden Era, the time of the Dutch Republic of the 17th century. The time of a democracy which introduced the concept of Social Insurance and Care, but came to a tragic end. The history of the de Witt brothers and their Republican partisans through the metaphysical eye of a modern person awakened by his soul-memory to realize that no struggle, no sacrifice is in vain. Beautiful cinematographic images and dialogues. Mature, elliptical, modern writing. Brilliant characters of the late Renaissance; the de Witt brothers, Moliere, Rembrandt, Tulp the doctor of anatomy, Louis XIV, William of Orange, Spinoza the philosopher and so many others... Cities and faces of both the 17th and 21st centuries. The Hague, Paris, London, Athens, New York... To the accompanying melody of great poets...

Personalities inscribed in history, but also the struggle of the everyday persons that supported their course. Great figures in the most heroic and most human moments of their life, moments sweet and joyful, heart-breaking and terrible. Tremendous historical times seen through the eyes of a human soul with a lion's strength, which awakens by drinking from the spring of Memory. And with the force of this ancient mystic awakening, the soul walks through different time periods, always as a contemporary citizen, an eternally-fighting human being in the spinning maelstroms of history.

THE LION SOULS available in English on Amazon at this link.

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