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For those who are interested in the way of the Gods, the journey we call Hellenismos, the ancient Greek religion: WELCOME. If you wish to learn more about this way of life, compose your intentions and write to the address listed below. If you have a sincere desire to develop your character and learn the way of the Gods, please contact us, as we can benefit each other.

There is a course of study available. The classes are one-on-one via Skype, phone, or face to face....only; the course is not taught by means of email. There is no charge for the classes, but you must be at least 18 years of age, serious, of sincere heart, and willing to study hard. This course of study is for people who are considering making a commitment to this make this your religion; it is not designed to accommodate people who are casual and simply looking to add to their collection of religious knowledge (you can acquire that from simply reading the website).

With all due respect, if you practice witchcraft, magic, or divination of any kind, we cannot teach you. If you are already committed to another tradition, please devote all your energies to that tradition and do not ask us to teach you. And I would request that you consider the following statement seriously: those who lie in order to acquire religious teaching will receive empty words which will have no positive effect.

Reading books and visiting websites can be useful for study, but ultimately you need real human contact to properly learn the Hellenic way. The most critical aspects of the path of Orpheus are not permitted to be transmitted publicly. Furthermore, simply from a human perspective, you need to look into the eyes of flesh-and-blood people who love and worship the Gods. You need to hear their voices, to eat food with them, to listen to their stories. Without contact with real people, it will be much more difficult to transform your inspiration from the realm of fantasy into reality. If you trying to discover if this path is right for you, take a bold step and mingle with those who are living the tradition.

Listen! What is that gust of wind? Perhaps it is some God in our midst! Quiet! Listen!

The invitation of a God is rarely offered twice!

Please write if interested:

PLEASE CONSIDER SIGNING THIS PETITION: While excavating for the electric railway in Athens, the Altar of the Twelve Gods has been discovered. This altar is second only to the Parthenon in importance, an immensely important monument. Now the railway company wishes to cover it up and continue building. Your signature on this petition can make a difference:


The logo to the left is the principal symbol of this website. It is called the CESS logo, i.e.the Children of the Earth and the Starry Sky. The Pætilía (Petelia; Gr. Πετηλία) and other golden tablets having this phrase are the inspiration for the symbol. The image represents this idea: Earth (divisible substance) and the Sky (continuous substance) are the two kosmogonic substances. The twelve stars represent the Natural Laws, the dominions of the Olympian Gods. In front of these symbols is the seven-stringed kithára (cithara; Gr. κιθάρα), the lyre of Apóllohn (Apollo; Gr. Ἀπόλλων). It (here) represents the bond between Gods and mortals and is representative that we are the children of Orphéfs (Orpheus; Gr. Ὀρφεύς).

PLEASE NOTE: Throughout the pages of this website, you will find fascinating stories about our Gods. These narratives are known as mythology , the traditional stories of the Gods and Heroes. While these tales are great mystical vehicles containing transcendent truth, they are symbolic and should not be taken literally. A literal reading will frequently yield an erroneous result. The meaning of the myths is concealed in code. To understand them requires a key. For instance, when a God kills someone, this usually means a transformation of the soul to a higher level. Similarly, sexual union with a God is a transformation.

SPELLING: uses the Reuchlinian method of pronouncing ancient Greek, the system preferred by scholars from Greece itself. An approach was developed to enable the student to easily approximate the Greek words. Consequently, the way we spell words is unique, as this method of transliteration is exclusive to this website. For more information, visit these three pages:

Pronunciation of Ancient Greek

Transliteration of Ancient Greek

Pronouncing the Names of the Gods in Hellenismos

PHOTO COPYRIGHT INFORMATION: The many pages of this website incorporate images, some created by the author, but many obtained from outside sources. To find out more information about these images and why this website can use them, visit this link: Photo Copyright Information

DISCLAIMER: The inclusion of images, quotations, and links from outside sources does not in any way imply agreement (or disagreement), approval (or disapproval) with the views of by the external sources from which they were obtained.

Further, the inclusion of images, quotations, and links from outside sources does not in any way imply agreement (or disagreement), approval (or disapproval) by of the contents or views of any external sources from which they were obtained.

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For answers to many questions: Hellenismos FAQ

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