ABOUT THE IMAGES: The creator of this website has made every effort to provide beautiful, educational, and informational images for illustration. Some of the pictures are original works of art created by the website owner. A huge bulk of the images come from scans from old books whose copyright has expired, in the possession of the website owner. Most of the rest of the images were obtained from miscellaneous sources which have kindly allowed their images to be used under certain conditions, many from Wikemedia Commons. Every effort has been made to use these images legally and as intended by those who have made them available. All the images are accounted for in the list below along with an explanation of why can use them.


1) Click on any image anywhere on this website that you would like information about. The image will appear in a new window.

2) Find the name of the image.

3) Look up the image on one of the alphabetical pages based on the first letter of the title of the image. Scroll down the list and find the image. You will see the images listed in alphabetical order along with information pertaining to their copyright status, who shot the picture or authored it in some way, etc.. In some cases you will also find interesting data about the image that may or may not appear elsewhere on the website.

4) By clicking on the link at the beginning of the entry, you can view the image.

DISCLAIMER: The inclusion of images found on this website does not necessarily imply agreement (or disagreement) or approval (or disapproval) with the views of by any external websites from which these images may have been obtained.

Further, it should be noted that the inclusion these images does not imply agreement (or disagreement) or approval (or disapproval) by of the contents or views of any external websites from which images may have been obtained.

GENERAL NOTICE TO OTHER WEBSITES THAT MAY BE A SOURCE OF IMAGES: All the images used on this website are accounted for, as can be demonstrated below. If you discover an image on the pages of this website that is present in your collection, whether available for free or for a fee, this image was obtained here legitimately. In particular, most of the very old images of statues and line drawings found here were obtained from scans from my personal, rather extensive, library of books that have long been long out of copyright. These images were then cleaned-up and restored, when possible, and titled by myself. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact this address:

Links to the images and their corresponding copyright information are listed alphabetically on the following pages. Image files beginning with numbers will be found before the letter A on the first page:






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