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This is an announcement for people in the Chicago-land area, Cook and DuPage County in Illinois, who wish to learn the worship of the ancient Greek Gods.

We are offering intensive classes and religious services in the ancient Greek religion. The classes are completely free of charge and very personal. The ancient Greek religion is known as Hellenismos. It is deep and has the potential to transform you. We have direct ties with teachers in Greece itself, some of whom come from families in which the practice of the religion extends to antiquity. 

We follow the teachings of Orpheus, the great theologian, who transmitted the mysteries of Dionysus, which free the soul. Orpheus offers a gentle doctrine based on the compassion of Zeus for mankind. The ancient Greek religion is famous for its openness and tolerance. The tradition is more concerned with the beauty of one's soul rather than things like ethnicity, gender or sexual preference. Our religion incorporates genuine philosophy, the search for truth and the endeavor to apply philosophical discoveries to one's life. 

The ancient Greek religion awakens meaning and gives structure to the life of the practitioner. Our tradition attempts to develop character and the human conscience; this is accomplished by means of engagement: study, worship, philosophy, and the acquisition of virtue

Regular community worship is available and is conducted in the tradition of the Greeks. We observe many festival days bringing great richness into the life of those who practice our religion. This tradition is new to Chicago and we are very excited to share what has been learned. Please come and worship with us and take a great step towards making a significant difference in your life!

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For answers to many questions: Hellenismos FAQ

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